Mother Hubbard’s Kiddie Cupboard is a nonprofit, United Way Agency affiliated store. We supply baby supplies and personal care items to young mothers. The difference between other stores and ours is that you can not use money to buy anything from Mother Hubbard’s Kiddie Cupboard. The only form of payment accepted is Baby Bucks.
Baby Buck
Baby Bucks are coupons earned each time a mother attends school, keeps an important appointment, is on time, and has the necessary paperwork completely filled out.  
Baby Bucks are not automatically given out. They must be earned. Once earned, Baby Bucks can then be spent at Mother Hubbard’s Kiddie Cupboard.
Baby Bucks may be used to "buy" a variety of baby and personal care items.
Baby Bucks are given out by Doctor's offices, Stephenson County Health Department, at school, and many other Social Service Agencies as an incentive. To receive them all you need to do is keep your scheduled appointments on time with all your service providers. Click here for a partial list of participating programs and agencies.